Proposed Weekend Program

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NOTE:   This program is as correct as we can make it now; but it may change without notice.

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Special Friday Afternoon (2-5 pm) Pre-Conference Institute with Drs. JJ & Desiree HURTAK

"The Overself's Awakening"

Dr. JJ Hurtak is author of
"The Book of Knowledge: the Keys of Enoch" & more.  His wife, Dr. Desiree Hurtak, is co-author of "Pstis Sophia," investigating the spiritual role of early-Christian women.   Together, they operate the Academy of Future Science.   Here is how they describe this Friday Pre-Conference Institute:

"An examination of the journey of "Soul growth" from the physical body to the Light Body.  Although our journeys are each unique, along the Sacred Path of Life, they also share many similarities.  By examining what makes each of us 'unique,' as well as 'collective,' we will explore how best to prepare to transcend physicial limits, all the while living right here and now.  Together on this journey, we will look at the similarities of our individual processes of spiritual growth and how they parallel what our planet - Earth - is moving through in its own phases of spiritual evolution. 

Join us as we explore together Soul Growth and Planetary evolution, now working "hand in hand," and evolving together in these very special Times." 

Advance Registration  =  65

At The Door price = $ 75*
*$65  for people registered at the 3-day Conference

Special Monday All-Day (10am - 5pm) Unique Post-Conference Institute

by Dr. Raymond MOODY, Paul PERRY and Dr. Chet SNOW:


Monday Institute Description:

"Join America's foremost researcher into 'Life After Life' - Raymond Moody, MD - with noted Regression Therapist - Chet Snow, Ph.D., past President of the Association for Past Life Research & Therapies, Inc., - and celebrated film-maker/author - Paul Perry - for a unique look Beyond the Veil - exploring the After Life, Past Lives and projecting into our possible Future!!

It is a great privilege to have these three eminent professionals together in Arizona and to be able to work with them in a relaxed, comfortable setting, all-day, where each participant will have the opportunity for Personal Testimony, Dialogue with like-minded individuals, Group Regression and Progression (projection to potential Future-lives) Sessions, plus In-depth discussion of the latest evidence for Soul Survival and "Shared Death Experiences," where healthy individuals glimpse part of the inner-journey of someone who is physically dying.  Many have had such experiences and here is the chance to share them and learn from others.  Explore near-death and past-life experiences with these pioneers in the field, and understand their meaning and uses in your own daily life. 

Raymond Moody, MD, Ph.D., founded the field of Near-Death Studies in 1975 with the publication of his runaway best-selling book: Life After Life, the first book to examine and name the phenomenon known as NDE (Near-Death Experience).  Dr. Moody lives in rural Alabama and rarely comes to the Southwest.  This is the first-time that he's teamed up with Sedona AZ regression therapist and futurist author (Mass Dreams of the Future), Chet Snow, Ph.D., and Scottsdale film-maker & NY Times best-selling author, Paul Perry, with whom he's co-authored several books and documentaries.  There are no guarantees this Institute will be repeated anytime soon. 

This all-day Post-Conference Institute will include:

This day-long research and experiential Institute will leave you feeling Invigorated, Amazed, Informed and Ready to Live Life to the Fullest when you understand "what comes next" as never before.

There will be a 90 minute lunch break during the Institute."

Advance Price Registration: $150   (booked separately from the Conference)
At Door Price: $165
Discounted Price for Conference Attendees:  $110
VIP Seating: $25 (1st 3 rows, subject to availability)

The Emergence Conference Program - November 18-20, 2011

The CONFERENCE will officially open at 7:00pm on Friday evening.  Registration & seating will begin about 6:00pm.  Please come early to pick up your name badge and program.  The Conference will run until approximately 10:00pm on Saturday and 5:15pm on Sunday.    All major speakers will give their main presentations in the Ground Floor Grand Ballroom.   Optional workshops etc. will be held in the Junior Ballroom on the Upstairs Mezzanine Level.    The 3-day Conference Passes are valid for all Conference presentations in the Ground-Floor Grand Ballroom.   Institutes, Workshops and any other presentations in the Junior Ballroom are additional, unless clearly marked both on the Program page and at the door.    For Registration and Conference prices, click HERE.


FRIDAY, November 18:

6:00 pm -   Grand Ballroom Doors Open at the Tempe Embassy Suites Hotel

7:00 pm -   "Opening Ceremony, Speaker & Exhibitor-Vendor Introductions"
                   by Dr. Chet SNOW

7:30 pm -   Opening Blessing by Grandmother FLORDEMAYO with music by IMANI

8:00 pm  -    "Talk to the Dead: No Long-distance Charges" by psychic/medium "Jude"

                        Jude is a psychic/medium from Los Angeles; she will be available for private readings all weekend at her Foyer table

8:30 pm  -  Friday Evening Keynote Lecture:  by Nancy TALBOTT 
“ Is Cosmic Consciousness Involved with Crop Circles?"

Description:  Increasingly there are indications around the world that "Reality" is more complex than previously imagined by "modern science".   Does Cosmic Consciousness exist?  Can it be personally experienced?   Investigator/researcher Nancy Talbott bases her startling conclusions to these essential questions on 14 years of intense documentation (photographically & experientially) of the constantly re-occurring anomalous events that she has witnessed with Dutch psychic, Robbert van den Broeke, the only person known not only accurately to predict the appearance of Crop Circles in his locality but also to be able successfully to identify many "human-made" formations.  With dozens of extraordinary and thought-provoking photographs, Nancy will demonstrate Robbert's abilities to connect and interact with "life-forms" from "other dimensions" and "cosmic soul groups" as well as deceased individuals both famous and anonymous.  In this vibrant lecture, Nancy will discuss Robbert's assertion that many currently-appearing Crop Circles come from a spiritually-based, purposeful, and loving "cosmic energy" and their ties to our Consciousness and expansion of Reality as we understand it. 

For those who want to explore Robbert's interactions further, Nancy will give an optional Workshop on Saturday (see Workshops).  

10:30 pm - Main Ballroom will close; Foyer vendors remain open until 11:00 pm.
SATURDAY, November 19:

9:00 am     "The Story of Synergy: an Ancient Crystal Skull" 
                    by Sherry WHITFIELD and "SYNERGY"

Synergy is a human-size crystal skull of pure quartz, fashioned thousands of years ago by skilled artisans using processes still unknown today.  Gifted to noted clairvoyant Sherry Whitfield in 2001, this ancient crystal skull works with her to promote personal healing and consciousness raising.  "Synergy" is defined as the cooperative action of two or more independent entities to bring about a total effect or change that is greater than what either could accomplish alone.  This is the quality that this ancient crystal skul is said to manifest, hence it's name.   Sherry & Synergy will also offer individual energy healing sessions with Synergy & Sherry will be available for Conference participants from Saturday Afternoon thru Monday Noon.   You can sign up by contacting Sherry at: before November or at the Conference, if any Sessions remain available. 

10:15 am        PAUSE [15-minutes]

10:30 am    " Lost Secrets of the Sacred Door - Life/Death, One Reality? "
                            by William HENRY

What does Jesus mean when he says, “I am the door?”   Is this the Star Door of the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts and other traditions?

In this beautifully illustrated presentation, William asks the question that needs to be asked -  Why do so many wormholes, star doors and stargates appear in religious imagery?   Is the tunnel of light of the NDE a wormhole?   Is it a sacred door for the soul?   Is this also how we came to this planet?   How do we access this cosmic tunnel or doorway in death?   A wormhole is a rupture or tear in the fabric of space space and time and it can lead to different parts of this universe or it can lead to other dimensions.  When we talk about rapture or resurrection, then are we really talking about the wormhole?   Will we ascend through a wormhole to a higher dimension? If so, how? Most all religions believe that the body is just a shell for the soul until it is released or resurrected when the body dies. Are the religious descriptions of death, resurrection and ascension actually stargate/wormhole events? Was Jesus, among other avatars, able to open a stellar door and ascend to another dimension through a wormhole? Was the crucifixion a celebration of his light body activation?

William Henry will explore these questions and more in this talk that will help you reclaim and reframe the meaning of life…death, one reality.

Author,  investigative mythologist and co-host of the radio program, “Dreamland ,” William Henry is on a mission to reveal the lost codes of ancient myth and symbols.   He seeks the secrets of immortal beings that come and go via gates or portals to the stars. His research encompasses parallel universes, wormholes, and spiritual transformation.

12:00 pm           LUNCH TIME    [until 1:30 pm]
1:30 pm    
"2012: The Final Window "
                                                            by Nicolya CHRISTI

As we stand on the threshold of 2012, the pivotal year in the history of humanity, and the world, we must step up, step forward and step out to  take our pre-destined positions in order to midwife the Great Shift of Ages prophesied by the Hopi to begin at this time, which they termed ‘The Thousand Years of Peace’.


We must now connect fully with our Soul’s higher purpose to give ourselves over entirely to that which is asked of us at a Soul level, as well as by the Higher-Dimensional Beings who are guiding humanity during these pivotal times. This is the only way to ensure a positive outcome for humanity, all living beings, and the Earth herself, as we are moved by, move into, and move through the Great Shift of Ages.

3:00 pm         PAUSE [15-minutes]

3:15 pm     Special Activation thru Music and Motion

3:45 pm         PAUSE [15-minutes]

4:00 pm      
" Healing Frequencies and the BCX Technology"
                        by  Judy ERWIN

Researcher and gifted Intuitive, Judy Erwin brings a lifetime of intuitive abilities and alternative studies into her healing work, most importantly in the use of Rife Frequency Technology and its applications for a wide range of health issues, balancing of energy fields and for the expansion of consciousness.  She will discuss the Rife-research based BCX Ultra Frequency Machine & have a test model available during the Conference weekend in the Foyer. 

4:45 pm       Venus: our Cosmic Neighbor & Dual Goddess
                             by Chet Snow

A description of this slide-illustrated lecture on Venus and the Venus Transit of June 5/6, 2012 will be posted as soon as available.

6:00 pm       DINNER TIME  [until 8:00 pm]

8:00 pm              Saturday evening Keynote Lecture: 

"The Powers of the Quantum Spirit - The Reality of the Oversoul"
by Drs. JJ & Desiree HURTAK

"Exploring avenues for the evolution of the Soul, this presentation will examine various traditional and modern methods for advancing Consciousnesss both within ourselves and in the outside world.   We exist in a state of non-locality within the larger quantum consciousness field.  As humans, we have the innate ability to connect with the world around us, as well as with higher orders of cosmic intelligence, through mental-spiritual techniques known as "Remote Viewing".    Join us as we look at the connections between the powers of the mind and experience "the music of the Spirit" that helps us to uncover our higher reconnection to our Overself and its reality in our daily life."

10:30 pm          Main Ballroom will close; Foyer vendors remain open to 11:00 pm.

SUNDAY, November 20:

10:00 am          "Greetings from the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers' Council"
                          by Mayan Grandmother, FLORDEMAYO

10:45 am        PAUSE [15-minutes]

11:00 am        "Crop Circles & Sacred Geometry" 
                                          by Fred RUSHER

Fred will show slides of the 2011 Crop Circles from England, giving his insights on some of them.  He will also show models he has made that demonstrate and explain why we are in a "7" number universe.  More models will demonstrate the geometric principle: "squaring the circle" and why it is important.  Fred has many insights that explain the messages of some of the recent Crop Circles. 

Second-generation wood-worker and sculptor, Fred Rusher has been studying Dr. JJ Hurtak's "The Keys of Enoch" for over 25 years.   He recently combined his long-time love of Sacred Geometry as taught in the Keys of Enoch with Crop Circle shapes and symbols.  The results are astounding and will be featured in his Sunday slide lecture.   You should also check out Fred's amazing work at his Vendor Table in the Downstairs Foyer.  Fred lives in Sedona, Arizona. 

12:00 PM           LUNCH TIME   [until 1:30 pm]

1:30 pm        "Shared-Death and Other Special Experiences"
Paul PERRY & Dr. Raymond MOODY

Includes showing of "AFTERLIFE"  = the NEW documentary film by Paul Perry on Shared-Death Experiences followed by dialogue between Dr. Raymond Moody, Paul Perry and Attendees.   Paul Perry's & Raymond Moody's most recent book is "Glimpses of Eternity," which investigates this fascinating phenomenon that is more common that popularly-believed.   
Not to be missed!! 

3:30 pm          PAUSE  [15-minutes]

3:45 pm         Musical Interlude by Shirofujioka duet

4:10 pm        PAUSE  [5-minutes]

4:15 pm         Dr. Quila RIDER  -  "Secrets for Your Health"
                    Find out what really causes pain and five easy, fast ways to get rid of it!  You'll be surprised at the               information and glad you discovered these 5 "health secrets".

5:00 pm        Closing Remarks by Dr. Chet SNOW

5:30 pm           END of The Emergence Conference: 2011

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Presentations below this line are available for an additional cost, as marked:


(Registered Conference Attendees pay the lower "Advance" price, even "at the door" )

SATURDAY, November 19:

NO Workshops on Saturday Morning - Junior Ballroom is CLOSED

3:15 pm - 4:45 PM       William HENRY  - "THE ANOINTED - WHEN MIND, BODY, SOUL UNITE"
$25 advance & attendees price
($35 at door price, for non-
Conference Attendees)

Are you ready for all that is to come? Are you ready and preparing for the next level of your life? What could you accomplish if more of your spiritual capacity was activated or switched on? In this extraordinary presentation, light body expert, William Henry, guides you on a powerful exploration of mind-body-spirit potential and teaches you timeless tools for transformation and completing your journey to wholeness … or even holiness by connecting with your True Self. The Anointed is a soul journey using hundreds of slides of ancient and sacred art – amazing gems - that transmits divine energy, illuminates our path and connects you to the secrets of enlightenment with more power and clarity. As the ancient’s said, “the image will show you the Way” and reveal how the great transformation is done. The result is a phenomenal experience that speaks to and empowers knowledge and energy deep with you – your light body, your True Self.


SUNDAY, November 20:

10:45 AM - 12:00 PM                  Sherry WHITFIELD & Kallista SNOW - "The Crystal Skull Connection"
$25 advance & attendees price/ ($35 at door price,                         
for Non-Conference attendees)             

A description of this special hands-on workshop with activated crystal skulls: "Synergy" and "Gaia-Luz" will be posted as soon as available.

$30 advance & attendees price/ ($40 at door price,                         
for Non-Conference attendees)              

Crop Circle and paranormal researcher and scientist, Nancy Talbott continues her amazing odyssey with Dutch psychic Robbert Van Den Broeke, whose experiences provide incredible and incontrovertible photographic evidence of Life beyond physical Death, as we know it.  This workshop will include never-before-seen photos and videos of Robbert communicating "beyond the grave" and fascinating psychical & physical demonstrations of dimensions of Reality that go far beyond what is recognized by today's "modern" science.   Robbert is "as real as the nose on your face" and Nancy's 14 years of working with him and photographing him show just what a unique, amazing person he is.  NO CAMERAS ALLOWED and NO DVDs will be made of this emotionally-packed, special event workshop.   Just bring your head, your eyes, and your heart!

End of the "Emergence Conference 2011"  Workshops

Thank you for your interest in our November 2011 Conference:  "Emergence: Expanding Reality - Beyond 2012"

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